Florida has mild to no influenza activity

What's Going Around

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla – None of our local doctors are seeing a large number of patients with the flu yet. According to the CDC the virus continues to circulate at low levels nationally. Florida is right on trend with mild or no influenza activity. In fact emergency departments and urgent care center visits are below levels seen in previous years at this same time.  The predominantly circulating strain in recent weeks has shifted from influenza B to influenza A which is typical for this time of year.

Here's what is going around right now in Duval County at the CareSpot on Southside Boulevard doctors are treating strep throat and upper respiratory infections.

In Clay County at the CareSpot in Middleburg they're treating strep throat and bronchitis.

In Nassau County at the CareSpot in Yulee doctors are also treating strep throat, sinus infections, and bronchitis.

Finally at Healing Arts Urgent Care in St. Johns County their major compliants surround allergies. They're also treating strep throat but warn that some of the complaints of sore throats end up being viral and don't require an antibiotic. Also a stomach virus is going around.

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