Baby powder, heartburn medicine, keychains, bibs and more recalled for health alerts

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From potential cancer causing heartburn medication to baby powder with asbestos, a wide range of recalls could affect some common household items in your home right now.

Several companies are recalling heartburn drugs that contain ranitidine because the drugs might cause cancer. It's used by children and adults with heartburn from acid indigestion and sour stomach.

Some of the recalled products are Sanofi's Zantac 150 and 250, Dr. Reddy's, Walgreens and other ranitidine tablets.

The FDA warns if you take the product, stop and talk with your doctor about other options.

At least 33,000 units from one lot of Johnson's baby powder is being recalled because it tested positive for a type of asbestos, which is harmful if inhaled.

The lot number affected is 22318RB. It's printed on the back of the bottle under the cap if you want to check.

Michael's stores nationwide are recalling a mobile charger keychain because a lithium ion battery inside could overheat and cause a fire or burn hazard.

The Bead Landing tassel keychain mobile power banks used to charge smartphones and other devices were sold from March 2018 to August 2019. It's advised to stop using the product, return it to Michael's and get your money back.

Finally, a bib sold at IKEA could cause your baby to choke. The MATVRA infant bibs with a snap at the back of the neck were sold in packs of two -- blue with a green seam and white polka dots and red with a yellow seam and red polka dots -- from August to September.

It's advised to return them for a refund.

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