In fight against COVID-19, world watches to see results of vaccine

It will still take weeks, if not months, to see its impact

The first shipments of the Pfizer vaccine are going out: workers from UPS and FedEx will head out of Pfizer's facility in Michigan on Sunday morning. The shipments are going to about 150 distribution centers across the country.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Pfizer has a vaccine that could help in the fight against COVID-19, and the world will be watching to see the results.

The new vaccine could be the answer to the first stage of defeating COVID-19.

“This vaccine has been turned around amazingly fast, and that is why some people do have reservations and I understand when I try to explain to them what we are dealing with, and it’s slightly different technology than what we have used for previous vaccinations,” said Dr. Mohammed Reza, a disease physician and specialist. “It makes the spike protein on our cell membranes, and our body looks at that as foreign, and that spike protein is on COVID-19 virus. In that moment, our body says it’s time to fight that virus.”

The body begins making anti-bodies, so when it comes in contact with the real COVID-19, it attacks it and kills it.

Pfizer isn’t the only company with a vaccine. Moderna is also developing a vaccine using the messenger RNA technology, while AstraZeneca is using a more common scientific strategy similar to the flu vaccines.

As the vaccine is shipped throughout the country, it will still take weeks, if not months, to see its impact on saving lives and fighting against COVID-19.

Reza said even if you get the vaccine, it’s important to note it’s in two phases that takes just under a month. Even if you get the vaccine, it’s possible you could spread the virus to others.

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