St. Johns County to give out COVID-19 vaccines by appointment only, starting Monday

County stepping in to help health department after chaotic few days

ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. – So far, the St. Johns County health department’s effort to administer its allotment of COVID-19 vaccines has been an exercise in chaos.

The department hopes to change that with help from the county government, which is stepping in to take over the logistics of distributing the coveted vaccines.

After several complaints of disorganization and long lines creating unsafe conditions in the county, vaccines will be given by appointment ONLY in the county, starting Monday.

County administrator Hunter Conrad said Saturday that the slots for Monday have already been filled by the 200 people on the health department’s waitlist.

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New appointments, which will be available only to health care workers and those age 65 and up, won’t open until the county receives another shipment of vaccines, which could be sometime next week, although the health department doesn’t know when or how many doses that will include.

“Ultimately this is a resource and manpower issue. That’s why the county has stepped up,” Conrad said.

[WATCH: Press play below to see SJC officials provide update on vaccine distribution -- starts about 5 minutes in]

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