Photographers get creative with virtual photo shoots amid pandemic

Coronavirus closures, schedule changes force business to shift model

Businesses are getting creative to stay afloat during the coronavirus outbreak.

Despite several cancellations, one Florida photography business is using innovation to conquer the current difficulties.

“It’s a new challenge, to be honest,” said Kareem and Sandy Virgo, owners of Reem Photography, which is based in South Florida. “During this time we’re in quarantine, we’re not able to work. A lot of our weddings and events got postponed."

The Virgos started their business, Reem Photography, five years ago, and it’s their main source of income.

But with the coronavirus outbreak canceling all events and closing non-essential businesses, the couple had to figure out an innovative way to still capture images.

“We took their pictures, we posed them, we directed them, use their backgrounds, kind of like we were actually in an in-person photoshoot," Sandy Virgo explained. “And we took the images, we went back to the computer, edited them, and to our surprise, they came out so beautifully.

Less than two weeks ago, the Virgos started offering free virtual photoshoots.

Their unique act of kindness got a lot of attention on social media and quickly went viral. Once people saw the couple transform ordinary iPhone pictures into beautiful photoshoots, the couple was officially booked and busy.

"We have a little over 400 booked up until June. Yeah a little over 400," said the Virgos.

They've gotten new clients across the country in just a few days.

The process is simple once you’ve booked a session.

In 10 minutes, the Virgos will direct and conduct a whole photoshoot with you.

Then, you'll get your edited photos and a shot of a new perspective.

“These shoots are completely free. We’re not charging. This was simply to spread positivity. People are in hard times right now. Like I said, weddings are canceled, engagement shoots are canceled, a lot of women, they’re due in the next few weeks to have their first child and they didn’t have a chance to do maternity sessions. So we couldn’t put a price tag on this,” said the Virgos.

While the couple is booked to mid-June for their virtual shoots, they encourage those who want to participate to continue to check their website for potential openings: https://www.reemphotography.com/.

In times like these, a different angle can help to positively change your perspective.

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