Who qualifies for $1,000 from the city of Jacksonville?

10 of the most frequently asked questions we’ve received about the stimulus

Mayor Lenny Curry (WJXT)

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Within hours of Mayor Lenny Curry announcing the COVID-19 Relief Program to help Jacksonville residents, News4Jax has gotten hundreds of questions about who’s eligible for the program, and how to apply.

A total of $40 million in direct stimulus is designed to help residents pay their mortgage, rent and utility payments. The program will provide $1,000 in relief to households that meet certain criteria.

Curry plans to file the legislation with the City Council on Friday. A vote is planned for Monday.

An additional $120 million will go toward funding COVID-19 testing in Jacksonville, the Small Business Relief and Employee Retention Grant and it will provide other economic relief for the city.

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Here are answers to 10 of your most asked questions:

Who will get the stimulus money?

The stimulus money will be issued on a first-come, first-serve basis to Duval County residents.

Will there be income restrictions?

Yes. To be eligible, you must earn less than $75,000 annually. You also must have lost at least 25% of your income due to the pandemic.

Will the check be for workers with severely reduced hours?

Workers with severely reduced hours should be able to qualify if they can prove they’ve lost at least 25% of their income due to the COVID-19 crisis.

I’ve lived in Jacksonville for five years. Will I get a check? Is it for all Jacksonville residents or only certain ones?

If you are a resident in Duval County and you meet the above income restrictions, you are eligible for a check.

What about those of us that live in another county but work in Jacksonville?

The stimulus will be provided to 40,000 households in Duval County. To receive a check, you’ll have to be a resident in Duval.

How do I apply for the money?

This wasn’t immediately clear on Thursday. Curry will file legislation with the City Council on Friday to allocate the relief money. His spokesperson, Nikki Kimbleton, said they hope to have an answer on Monday.

How soon do we get the money?

City Chief Administrative Officer Brian Hughes said that he hopes after a plan is in place that funds can be distributed in a matter of days and “as quickly as we humanly can.”

Will the payment be delivered electronically or by paper?

Funds will be given via prepaid cards with no fees attached.

If I’m age 65 or older and on a fixed income, am I eligible?

You are eligible just like everyone else if your income is less than $75,000 and you can prove you’ve lost 25% of your income due to the crisis.

Do Social Security recipients qualify?

Yes. If your income is less than $75,000 and you can prove you’ve lost 25% of your income due to the crisis.