3 sought after Good Samaritan shot in face

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Police in Jacksonville are looking for three men who shot a Good Samaritan who was just trying to help them after an accident.

"He is the first person to get in his car to drive down to see if these guys need help. They immediately pull out a gun and shoot him," said Richard Tackett, the victim's son.

Ralph Tackett is recovering in a hospital following surgery Monday to remove a bullet from his face. He was shot early Saturday morning in Fort Caroline.

Ralph Tackett and his wife heard a car crash outside their home, he drove to help, but according to police reports, when he did, the three men in the car surrounded him, shot him in the face and took his car.

Tackett's family is asking why would anyone do that to him.

"You go outside and do a good thing and they shoot you," said Sandy Tackett, Ralph's wife.

She said her husband is always the first one to help out when someone is in trouble, and that's what he was doing about 5 a.m. Saturday after they heard the crash outside their bedroom window.

"We heard a car go flying by and all of the sudden, slam -- a big crash," Sandy said.

Ralph jumped in his car, went to the end of the drive and could see the crash, but his wife said right then three young men surrounded the car.

"He said they all pointed a gun at him and one underneath his chin," Sandy said. "They said they needed a tire. He said, 'A tire? We need more than that. It was in bad shape.' And when he did that, they shot him. Right here. Busted out his teeth, and the only thing he could think of was to get away."

Ralph Tackett said the three then jumped in his car and drove away, leaving their wrecked car on the road. He ran back into the house and police were called. They didn't find the teens who shot him, but later they did find Tackett's car dumped at an abandoned house in Arlington.

Tackett's son said his dad is lucky, but he can't believe what's happening around them.

"It's terrifying that the neighborhood is getting to be this way," Richard Tackett said.

Sandy said her husband is terrified. The gunmen now know where they live and have his wallet and keys. She said for someone who always thinks of his family and neighbors first, her husband's life is now changing.

"Now he says he is not going to help anyone anymore, and he has always been the first one to help," Sandy said.

Anyone with any information about the shooting is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 866-845-TIPS.

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