2nd BP murder suspect arrested, appears in court

21-year-old man shot, killed at gas station last week

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The man accused of shooting and killing a 21-year-old man at a BP gas station last week has been arrested.

Joseph Tether (pictured below on left), 20, made his first appearance in court on charges of second-degree murder and accessory to murder in the death of Nedzad Botonjic. Tether is also charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, armed robbery, possession of marijuana, resisting arrest and several other charges.

Nicholas Stoner (pictured below on right), 21, was arrested last week, also on charges of murder and accessory after the fact.

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office booking photos of Joseph Tether and Nicholas Stoner
Jacksonville Sheriff's Office booking photos of Joseph Tether and Nicholas Stoner

Botonjic (pictured below) was shot several times and killed about 6:30 p.m. July 21 at the gas station on Atlantic Boulevard near Monument Road in Regency.

At a news conference Monday afternoon, police said the killing was the result of a drug transaction between Tether and Botonjic involving money and marijuana. Police said Botonjic was meeting the suspects to sell them marijuana.

They said Stoner drove Tether in a red Toyota Corolla and waited in the car while Tether got out to meet Botonjic.

Investigators said Tether pointed a gun at Botonjic to rob him. They said Botonjic fought and Tether shot him in the torso, killing him.

Nedzad Botonjic
Nedzad Botonjic

Police said Stoner turned himself in last week and told them he didn't know Tether would shoot Botonjic.

"He admitted to driving but being unaware to the robbery that took place," Assistant Chief Chris Butler said.

Police said they knew then that Tether was the suspect, but they didn't want to give out any information that would tip Tether off that they were after him.

Police said the entire exchange was caught on surveillance video. The Toyota Corolla was found just hours after the crime on Southside Boulevard, police said.

Police said Stoner may have been the one to set up the meeting between Tether and Botonjic.

"I'd describe their relationship as being acquaintances," Butler said. "My understanding is that they've done this type of thing before. Not sure if suspect Tether has, but the other suspect had other transactions."

According to Stoner's arrest report, his brother saw the two men walking in and out of the house they shared, wiping the Corolla off with rags and cleaning themselves up in the bathroom.

Police said Tether was seen Sunday on Rogero Road by an officer riding a bicycle. They said Tether ran but was apprehended. The officer found a gun and drugs, according to police.