FBI investigates attempted hack of JAA computers

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Jacksonville Airport Authority confirmed Tuesday that sometime before Thanksgiving there was an attempt "from a foreign source" to hack into the airports' computer system.

"The attack appeared unsuccessful but out of an abundance of caution we contacted the FBI and they have been investigating the attack," wrote CEO Steve Grossman in a update to the JAA's board of directors. "Our public stance is that until the FBI tells us that information was compromised we do not believe the attack was successful."

A source told News4Jax the intrusion attempted to compromise police and security information, including cameras and access to restricted areas of the airport. When we requested copies of the emails about the hacking attack, the JAA spokeswoman said they were part of an active criminal investigation and therefore exempt from release.

The FBI has not responded to requests for information about the attack.

Some passengers at the Jacksonville International Airport said the attempted hack makes them nervous.

Jeff kleitz
"This happens at many retail stores. It's going on a little too much lately so we have to find a solution and stop that real quick," said Jeff Kleitz.

Others said they trust that our security will protect the system.

"I think they keep a good eye on the people coming through and do a pretty good job," said Gary Scheuer.

Grossman noted that the airport has started a multi-year project to strengthen the integrity of its computer network.

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