ISIS ‘kill list' targeting Northeast Florida residents

Flagler County Sheriff: ‘Fight one of us, you fight all of us'

FLAGLER COUNTY, Fla. – After ISIS released an alleged "kill list" that included American armed forces members, News4Jax has confirmed that residents of multiple local counties are on that list.

Police in multiple Northeast Florida counties have been warning those current and ex-military personnel, as well as their families.

The list contains names of people involved in attacks on ISIS in the Middle East and elsewhere living in St. Johns, Clay and Flagler counties.

Flagler County's Sheriff James Manfre said they received a tip from the FBI that one threat was to someone who lived in Palm Coast and his family.

He says he is not taking these threats made by ISIS lightly.

"It's extra patrols. It's an awareness by our deputies of the family and the threat and we will continue to monitor all of the information provided to us through the FBI," Manfre said.

The relationship between local law enforcement and the FBI began 14 years ago after 9/11. Sheriff Manfre says ever since that day. it's been a strong tie and he says local departments act as the eyes and ears on the ground.

 "The FBI is a terrific organization. They have really opened up to this new partnership with local law-enforcement and I think it's really made us stronger as a country-having that unified purpose. The FBI only has so many resources obviously with all of the budget cuts their resources are cut. By adding low local law enforcement into the effort of anti-terrorism, we've expanded that dramatically to the millions of law-enforcement officers out there around the country." said Manfre.

Manfre says the military person on the list in Flagler County has moved, but they've learned that person still has family in another part of Palm Coast.

"We made contact with them, made sure that they felt safe through our safety net which they told us they did. At this point we do not believe it's a credible threat to that military person or his family," Manfre said.

News4Jax also confirmed there have been threats made against military personnel in St. Johns County, and the website FlaglerLive is reporting there are threats against military personnel in Clay County as well.

Manfre said he doesn't view these threats as legitimate but that local law enforcement and the federal government will be vigilant.

He wants the public to be aware since ISIS is trying to develop homegrown terrorists on American soil.

"I mean this is startling information to have and obviously they are concerned about their loved ones but again, we do not see it as a credible threat. We do not want to allow ISIS to spread terror in our community, yet we are going to make sure that we remain vigilant and let them understand that you fight one of us, you fight all of us," Manfre said.

The Flagler County sheriff says if you know anything about anyone acting suspicious or out of the ordinary and you fear they may have some sort of sympathy toward ISIS you can call police and remain anonymous.

In Flagler and St. Johns counties the best number to call is CrimeStoppers of Northeast Florida at 1-888-277-TIP.

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