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Woman OK after driving RV into home

A woman is out of the hospital Tuesday after she lost control of an RV and drove through a Lake City home.

Troopers from the Florida Highway Patrol said the RV's tire blew out and caused the woman to lose control.

Piles of debris and tarps are all that remain after what some would describe as a nightmare.

According to FHP, 56-year-old Mileah Kay was driving an RV along Interstate 75 near State Road 47 in Lake City when her tire blew out and she lost control.

Troopers said Kay drove through two fences, hitting trees and a billboard before plowing into the home.

"He was in shock and I was in shock, and we held each other, and I was just praising God that he was OK," Kimra Bailey, the mother of the homeowner said.

Bailey said her son and his girlfriend live in the home, but he was the only one inside when the crash happened.

She said her son heard loud noises, peeked out the window and leaped out of the way moments before the impact.

"He said there was something huge and white coming at him and he just took off, and then just crash," Bailey said.

Witnesses said Kay was traveling home from a dog show with 10 dogs, two cats and a parakeet in tow.

Kay was hurt and taken to the hospital after fire-rescue crews had to cut her out of the RV.

"I pray she's OK. We prayed for her too," Bailey said.

Kay was released from the hospital with minor injuries, but there is no word on if any of the animals were harmed.

"If anybody doesn't believe in God or miracles, this is one right here for them to see," Bailey said.

Bailey's son and girlfriend will be staying at her house until they can clean up the mess and repair the home.