Mother remembers murdered First Coast High teen

Jaquon Reeves was shot, murdered in Sheffield Park


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office is still searching for the person who shot and killed one teen and injured another at Sheffield Park Friday night.

Jaquon Reeves, a 17-year-old sophomore from First Coast High School died in the woods behind the park after an unknown gunman opened fire on a group of people hanging out by a lake in the park.

Originally, reports said that Reeves and a group of friends were out by the lake having a memorial or vigil for Johnnel Johnson, another First Coast High School football player who was killed at a prom party a month ago.

Reeve's mother, who didn't want to be identified because her son's killer was still on the loose, said that the juveniles weren't having a memorial, but were at the park playing basketball, something they normally do, and were just hanging out afterwards when Reeves was shot and killed.

Reeve's mother said that not only has the tragedy been tough for her, but it has also been very hard for Jaquon's brothers and sisters.

A spokesperson speaking on behalf of Reeves' mother said, "So much pain, so much pain in this mother's eyes. It's just sad that these children continue to keep going back and forth, shooting and killing."

Reeves was a football and basketball player at First Coast High School. When asked about her son as an athlete his mother was overcome with emotion saying that he loved to play and hoped to go on to play at South Carolina.

"Jaquon was a young man who went to school like the next kid. Like all of these children, he has a mother that cares about him like the rest of the mothers. I can't say anything bad about him, because there is nothing bad to say," the family's spokesperson said. "He was a 17-year-old young man that didn't have a reason to lose his life. He was in school and had a family that loved him."

According to JSO, the shooting happened back in the woods at Sheffield Park. They said that a group of 25-30 teenagers were at the park when the shots were fired but by the time they got to the park, no witnesses were left. The family spokesperson said that somebody who was there has information that can help police.

"Call the right authorities and let them know what happened. Nobody has the right to take anybody's life."

No funeral date has been set but the family has set up a VyStar account to try to help with funeral costs.

That account is with VyStar Credit Union under the last name Reeve's with the account number 7505298928.