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School district backs school's Confederate flag ban

Baldwin Middle-Senior High School students told to remove flags from trucks

BALDWIN, Fla. – About a week after Baldwin Middle-High School told students they could not have Confederate flags on trucks in the school parking lot, Duval County school officials issued a statement backing the principal's decision.

"The district supported Principal (Denise) Hall's decision to address the concerns students raised regarding seeing the flags on student cars in the parking lot. No students were disciplined."

While the statement backs the ban in Baldwin, it did not address whether this policy would be applied at other schools. No school officials or Duval County School Board members would discuss the issue Wednesday.

People in Baldwin were talking about the controversy.

Becky Faudel lives next to the school and offered her property as a place for students who wanted to display the Confederate flag to park. She says no one took her up on the offer.

"The flag is just one of many things at the school that they need to pay attention to," Faudel said. "Certain children are not allowed to do certain things, but other children are allowed to do other things."

Other parents waiting to pick up students Wednesday backed the principal and say the right thing is being done

"I agree with taking the flag down if there's any controversy over it or anything that would cause any trouble at all," Chris Evans said. "Yeah, take them down."

There are others who go right down the middle, saying that, "Everybody has freedom of speech."

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