Five restaurants shut down because of roaches or wastewater in the kitchen

Restaurant Report Card


JACKSONVILLE, Fla – Five restaurants were temporarily closed for at least a night earlier this month.  Most of the violations had to do with unwanted pests but one had another problem that forced inspectors to temporarily shut it down.

Hardees on Normandy Boulevard was forced to shut down December 1st.  The inspector wrote that wastewater was backing up through floor drains.  The manager explained they just had a cleaning and the grease might have clogged the drain. The plumber arrived during the inspection and Hardees was able to open back up that same day with zero violations.

Jax What's Cookin on Lane Avenue was closed for the night because of roaches also on  1st. They found  live roaches  under the cooler and several more throughout the kitchen.  The next day the inspector checked back in the roaches were gone, Jax What's Cookin had exterminated and the restaurant was allowed to open back up.

Corner Bistro and Wine Bar at Tapestry Park was shut down for the night because of roaches.  More than a dozen live roaches were found in the kitchen.  Some were spotted inside gaskets in the cooler.  The inspector came back the next day and there were still roaches so they kept Corner Bistro closed a few more hours while they got a handle on the problem. After a third visit it was cleared and able to open back up with no bugs.
Cassats Batt Bowl's snack bar was also shut down on the 1st because of roaches and rodent droppings. The inspector found dozens of live roaches in the kitchen and more that 100 dry rodent droppings on a shelf holding soda syrup.   The inspector came back not once but three more times and still found dead and live roaches.  It's wasn't until a 5th visit that the restaurant was cleared with zero violations.

The fifth restaurant was New Hibachi Grill and Supreme Buffet it was also shut down because of roaches. Ten live roaches were found inside the wall on the corner of the wok station. There were several more roaches in other areas around the kitchen. Eventually the inspector came back and reopened New Hibachi Grill and Supreme Buffet with zero serious violations.