Downtown churches come together to pray for unity

Shiloh Metropolitant Baptist Church, First Baptist Church partnered to pray

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Two large downtown churches came together for a special prayer service Sunday morning.

Shiloh Metropolitant Baptist Church and First Baptist Church partnered to pray for those who have been killed, law enforcement officers and members of the minority community.

"Hatred solves nothing. Love of God solves everything," West Wilson, an elder at Shiloh Church said.

"We believe the love of Jesus Christ brings love, unity and can overcome the barriers that divide us," at First Baptist Associate Pastor, Heath Lambert, said.

Two churches, one message: regardless of the color of your skin or your uniform, Jesus Christ loves you.

"To us, color means nothing to God there is one color, red, and he shed his blood for us to all be united, and so now is the time to be united, a time of unity. Not hate, but love," Wilson said.

The morning service saw a little more blue as members of the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, including Sheriff Mike Williams, filled the pews.

The pastors of both mega churches invited officers, as well as anyone hurting from the recent shooting, to come and pray for healing.

"Everybody is scared after the shooting in Louisiana and Minnesota and the massacre in Dallas, whether you're a member of the African American community or law enforcement, everybody is scared and on edge," Lambert said.

It's been a heartbreaking week for many, and today's service was a way for some, no matter the color of their skin or occupation, to find healing and move toward the direction of unity.