Roaches, rodent droppings temporarily shut down four local restaurants

Restaurant Report Card


JACKSONVILLE, Fla – It was a busy week for inspectors who had to shut down a total of four restaurants in the area. The problem was either roaches or rodent droppings 

Famous Amos Restaurant on West University Boulevard was shut down last week because of roaches. The manager on duty quickly said he was not allowed to talk about the problem. 

The executive operating manager, Paula Dixon, was available and did address the problem.

"We take this seriously and work to provide customers and staff a safe and healthy environment," said Dixon.

The inspector found as many as 20 live roaches in a corner with the dish machine.  Dixon said they had some plumbing issues that left an opening for pest to get in.  She said they have pest control and it was scheduled to come that day but the inspector came first.  Famous Amos did resolve the problem and was able to open back up that next day with zero serious violations.

Inspectors also wrote that Fast Freddie's Bar and Grill on the northside had a rodent problem.  It wasn't open yet and the manager didn't return phone calls.  The inspector wrote that a half dozen dry rodent droppings were found in the liquor room by the bar, and more were found on a shelf with food and near clean dishes.   Fast Freddie's has a large outside sitting area, and the entire restaurant was shut down for the night.  It did open back up the next day with no signs of pests.

CJ Crab House and Seafood on Norwood Avenue was also shut down because of roaches with seven high priority violations. The inspector found eight live roaches in a container with flour and also roaches inside one of the reach in coolers. The violations were cause for an immediate shutdown, but it was still able to open back up the next day with no bugs or serious violations.

Bono's on Jammes Road had a roach and rodent problem that shut it down temporarily.  The inspector wrote several live roaches were found on traps in different areas in the kitchen.  There were also too many rodent droppings to count on the dry storage room on the floor and more dry hard droppings on shelves in the dry storage area, according to the report.  

The inspector also found rodent nesting material in the corner of this same room.  Despite the problems, Bono's was able to open back up the next day with zero violations.


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