Review of new Clinton-related emails damaging

JU Public Policy Director says it is a cloud that could linger

JACKSONVILLE, Fla – A bombshell for the Clinton campaign. FBI director James Comey sent a letter to Congressional leaders saying the FBI will review new emails related to Hillary Clinton's server.

Rick Mullaney, public policy director at Jacksonville University, was a guest on The Morning Show Saturday to discuss the email revelation.

"Eleven days before the presidential election, the FBI announces the opening of this investigation. It raises a lot of questions, probably raises more questions than answers, but it is a stunning development," Mullaney said.

The emails are not from Clinton, but rather were found on a computer when the FBI was investigating sexting claims against Anthony Weiner. So what does this mean for her campaign?

"First of all, it's highly unlikely that this matter will be close to being resolved before election day, very highly unlikely. Potentially, this involves thousands of emails, that's unlikely. Second, I do not think this is a helpful conversation for the Clinton campaign. It is damaging. It is hard to assess right now, love to see how plays out," Mullaney said.

Mullaney also said this issue could linger and be a cloud over Clinton should she win the election.

"In the past, she's been criticized for secrecy and waiting too long. This was very proactive, very smart and strong offense, challenging the FBI to come forward. Knowing it's going to be resolved quickly. That was very good politics," said Mullaney




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