Trump sign waver hospitalized in reported attack

Norb Logsdon says he was punched by man who took homemade sign supporting Trump

ORANGE PARK, Fla. – An Orange Park man continues to recover in a hospital after he says he was assaulted outside a polling station where he had been waving Donald Trump signs.

Norb Logsdon, a Trump supporter who regularly waves homemade signs for the Republican presidential candidate, had to have surgery at Orange Park Medical Center after he said was punched Thursday outside the Orange Park Library, which is an early voting location. 

"This guy ran over and grabbed my sign that was in the ground and took off running. So I hollered at him and said, 'Hey, that's mine. Leave it there. Get your hands off that.' And he just ran," Logsdon said. 

Logsdon said the man the jumped in an SUV that someone else was driving.

The vehicle drove off, but while it was stopped at a red light, Logsdon said he tried to open the passenger door and get his sign back. 

The sign thief then got out of the SUV, Logsdon said. 

"I turned and bam -- he punched me," Logsdon said. "He hit me. I went down on the street and I hit my wrist. I went on my butt and my wrist and it snapped. Bam." 

Logsdon was taken by police and rescue crews to Orange Park Medical Center, where doctors performed surgery on his wrist.

But Logsdon said he won't let it get him down and he'll be back out waving his signs when he's released from the hospital Saturday. 

"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger," he said. 

A report on the incident was filed with the Orange Park Police Department. Police said they cannot comment since it is an active investigation. 

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