Peeps-flavored Oreos are here

(IG: @GoHangains)
(IG: @GoHangains)

This could either make you cringe, or make your mouth water. 

Oreo teamed up with Peeps, the brightly colored Easter candy favorite, for a limited edition, marshmallow Peeps flavored creme cookie. 

These limited-edition treats, are made with golden wafers and filled with a marshmallow Peep-flavored creme that's dusted in sugar crystals,  just like the marshmallow candies.

You can find the limited edition cookies at Walmart, in-store purchase only.  

This is not the first time Oreo has made a bold flavor choice. In the past, there have been Swedish Fish crème-filled Oreos, "S'mOreos," a s'mores flavored Oreo, and Cotton Candy filled Oreos. 

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