Video captures horse stomping gator

Hikers witness wild encounter in Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – A video of a horse attacking an alligator Wednesday near Gainesville is getting a lot of attention.

Kystal M. Berry posted the cellphone video to her Facebook page shortly after recording it.

It shows a wild horse approach an alligator along a nature trail at Paynes Prairie State Park in Micanopy, as a group of hikers watch.

The horse charges the gator and stomps on it. The reptile responds with a quick bite.

The alligator moves away and the horse goes back to an area in tall grass, with other horses.

Paynes Prairie is a popular hiking spot known for its wildlife, including wild horses, bison, birds, snakes and gators.

"Neither of the animals appeared to be in distress at the time we left," Berry said. "I did not see any blood or limping. I did contact the prairie's (rangers) and they sent someone out to check on the animals."

Horse attacks alligator at Paynes Prairie

ONLY IN FLORIDA? Check out this video of a wild horse attacking a big gator today at Paynes Prairie, near Gainesville. (Courtesy: Krystal M. Berry / ATEAM)

Posted by WJXT4 Vic Micolucci on Wednesday, April 12, 2017

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