Cockroaches, rodent droppings, ants found at 3 restaurants

Restaurant Report Card

JACKSONVILLE, Fla – Three local restaurants temporarily closed due to pests being found by inspectors. Multiple cockroaches, rodent droppings and ants shut them down for one night.


Lucky Wok on Sadler Square in Fernandina Beach was shut down last week because of cockroaches. Three high-priority violations were enough to temporarily shut it down.  


Five live cockroaches were found on the freezer, under the sink and on a cabinet shelf in the kitchen area.


The inspector said the manager killed and discarded the cockroaches. He also said pest control had been there on Monday.


The next day, the inspector came back twice because the first time she saw a a roach. No cockroaches were spotted on the return inspection.


Later that afternoon, the inspector came back and cleared the restaurant with zero high-priority violations.


In the late afternoon, the Jacksonville Crab Shack on North Main Street was shut down for three high-priority violations. Five live cockroaches were found on the gasket inside the reach-in cooler, and four more roaches were seen under the freezer.


The next morning the inspector came back and opened the restaurant with no bugs and zero high-priority violations.


Panda Chinese Restaurant on 103rd Street was closed for the night because an inspector found several different pests.  


The restaurant had five high-priority violations, three of which could make customers sick.


Cockroaches were found in the floor drain right below the wok line. A dozen rodent droppings were on top of the water heater and on a piece of paper on the shelf. 30 ants were counted in that same area.


The inspector returned the next morning to re-inspect.  Panda Chinese Restaurant was reopened with zero high-priority violations.  


A manager told News4Jax they have pest control.  


The manager also said she fixed a back screen door because it allowed pests to come inside the restaurant.


Panda Chinese Restaurant was able to reopen the next morning when all of the pests were gone and there were no traces of any more bugs. 


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