2 more arrests in viral video street brawl

First suspects family disputes charges

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A day after an 18-year old was arrested in connection with a video of a brawl that went viral over the weekend, police have arrested two more women.

Zakeria Johnson, 24 and Ronetta Wright, 21, are both accused of punching someone with closed fists.

Over the weekend, 18-year-old Jontaianna Pitts was arrested, accused of hitting two people several times in the head with a baseball bat while they were on the ground.

The fight started at a shopping plaza on Moncrief Road and about 90 minutes later, police say another fight involving the same people took place at Simonds-Johnson Park nearby.

Several people filmed it, even streamed it on Facebook Live.

Wright repeatedly hit one victim who is pregnant and kicked her while she was on the ground, including kicking the victim in the head multiple times, according to police.

Police said that during the brawl, Wright also hit a car with a baseball bat, smashing out the driver's side rear window as she attempted to pull the pregnant victim out of the car.  

Members of Pitts’ family said she was working at a hair store when women showed up to fight her. Then the chaos began, and it was caught on camera.

Police say Jontaianna Pitts was seen in the wild video swinging a bat and hitting people, but her aunt says the video doesn’t tell the whole story.

“Things led up to that,” Tiara Hernandez said. “It wasn’t just Jontaianna swinging a bat, it was Jontaianna defending herself and her mom if that was even Jontaianna.  I can’t say, I wasn’t there.”

Hernandez said that she is concerned that Pitts’ reputation will be damaged as a result of the video.

“I’m worried it’s blowing up on social media and it’s been taken too far,” Hernandez said. “It would be one thing if it was the truth, if she was a violent person and was really just trying to cause harm for no apparent reason, not defending herself.

This video has shaken up the area with locals tired of too much violence in their neighborhood.

“A lot of drama going on around here, for me, I just stay to myself,” said Master Clemons, who lives in the area of the fight.

Some are not surprised that the fight broke out in the neighborhood.

“Stuff always happens in this area, so I’m not surprised at what happened,” Johnea Mills said.

News4Jax crime and safety analyst Gil Smith pointed out that in cases like these people should not intervene and try to break it up. He recommends leaving it to police.

“Sometimes what happens is these people who are posting it, they may get bumped or hit and they get caught up in the fight too and it grows larger and larger,” Smith said.

Jacksonville police said a security guard was also injured during the fight. A guard stepped in to try and stop it. He was wearing a security uniform and he was hit several times. He suffered several abrasions to his arms but is expected to be OK.

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