1 of 4 convicted in detective's death gets probation revoked, 6 years in prison

Jerry Daniels appears in Clay County court for sentencing hearing

CLAY COUNTY, Fla. – There was a sentencing hearing Thursday for one of four people convicted in the 2012 death of a Clay County detective.

Jerry Daniels, who was 16 years old when he was arrested in the 2012 raid of a Middleburg meth house that ended in the death of Detective David White, had already pleaded guilty to manslaughter, and was released on probation to be served in South Carolina. But now he's back in jail for violating his probation again. 

Being it was Daniels' second violation of probation, the judge decided to revoke it and send him to prison for roughly six years of his remaining sentence for manslaughter. 

The courtroom was filled with Clay County deputies and family of White. The major debate in court was Daniels, 21, who negotiated a lesser sentence in Clay County for White's death, should be locked up for using marijuana. 

The defense brought one witness, a forensic psychologist who testified that Daniels was brought up in a drug-filled and violent childhood. He testified that Daniels is mentally ill and addicted to cannabis, which he was using to help control mental disorders. 

Being that the drug in question was marijuana, defense attorneys tried to use the argument about many states legalizing marijuana in their case. The psychologist said he used marijuana to medicate a mental disorder, which is what it's sometimes prescribed for. But it's use in South Carolina was a clear violation of Daniels' terms of probation no matter what marijuana laws are. 

Prosecutors brought White's widow, Jennifer White, to testify. She read a statement, saying Daniels already got a break in his plea deal and chose to violate it. She asked the judge to give Daniels a maximum sentence.

"He cannot be given a second chance. Mr. Daniels was given that sentence after only three years. Dave will not come back. His children do not get a second chance with their daddy. I hoped Mr. Daniels would take the extraordinary gift and make good with his life. I hoped he had truly repented and wanted to chance. However, he did not and returned to his previous habits," Jennifer White said. 

Daniels is one of four people who were sentenced for White's death. His sentence was the lightest. Daniels already served nearly four years in jail, and will now serve out around six more years in prison. 

Daniels could have gotten up to 30 years, minus four years for time served. But the judge only gave him six years.

Of the other three defendants, one was convicted and sentenced to life. The other two pleaded guilty and got sentences of 50 and 35 years. 

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