UNF diploma typo prompts reprints, apology

University misspelled the word 'eighth'

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Spring graduates from the University of North Florida will receive two diplomas for their accomplishments.

One “h” was left off the word "eighth" on diplomas handed out for spring commencement on April 28.

As the UNF Spinnaker, the UNF student publication, first reported, the last line of the diplomas read: “This Twenty-Eigth Day of April, A.D., 2017.”

Megan Kuehner, of the University Registrar’s Office, sent a letter to students with their corrected diplomas.

“We regret to inform you the diplomas provided by the University contain an unfortunate error,” Kuehner wrote. “We are disappointed in the error and corrected it immediately. Enclosed is a reprint and we apologize for any inconvenience."

UNF issued a statement Tuesday about the error:

Due to a computer coding error, diplomas provided by the University of North Florida to 1,634 graduates during spring commencement April 28 contained an unfortunate error -- the word “eighth” was misspelled on the diplomas. UNF regrets the mistake and apologizes to our recent graduates.  The error has been corrected and new diplomas have been mailed to all graduates. The university has addressed the issue and taken steps to prevent it from happening again.

Most students didn't seem too bothered by the mistake, since the university has already taken steps to correct it.

"For us, it would just be like, OK, if it’s our names or the university, even worse, university spelled wrong, you know, or Florida. I don’t know, just the word eighth being misspelled, it’s not a big deal," senior Nina Ali said.