Don't let bugs dry off under your roof: tips to keep bugs out of your home

Humans not only ones to take shelter from rain


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Summer is officially upon us, which means rainy season is in full swing. As afternoon showers become the norm, many of us will take shelter in the comfort of our homes or offices. 

While the rain comes as a great relief for our lawns, it can bring some unexpected and frustrating house guests along with it.

This past winter was one of the warmest yet, and without a good, hard freeze in many areas of the Southeast, which naturally kills and reduces outdoor pest colonies, these pests were able to survive through this year’s warmer weather. With all the rainfall, just like us, insects are seeking a place to take refuge.

One of the most common bugs homeowners can expect to see are roaches, or what some like to call, “water bugs.” These bugs thrive in moist warm areas and settle in the cracks and crevices of our homes to escape the messy, wet outdoors. Other pesky house guests can include ants, flies, spiders and mosquitoes.

The following are some tips to avoiding unwanted guests during the rainy season:

  • Ensure no vegetation is touching homes to prevent pests from transferring on/off the structures.
  • Make sure all doors, windows and openings are tightly sealed across all thresholds.
  • Eliminate clutter and safely secure and store food items in appropriate containers.
  • Rinse out soda cans, beer bottles and milk jugs thoroughly before you recycle them to decrease the chance of attraction.
  • Take out the trash frequently and ensure cans have proper handles and lids.

Over the past few years, mosquitoes and the dangerous diseases they carry have made national headlines. Here are some tips on how to avoid these annoying and potentially dangerous pests during wet weather conditions:

  • Clean or eliminate all stagnant water in areas like bird baths, unfiltered pools and gutters to avoid attraction. 
  • Avoid working or playing outside during dawn/dusk, or wear long-sleeve clothing if necessary.
  • Use insect repellent on all areas of the body and on appropriate clothing (mosquitoes can bite through thin fabrics).
  • Ensure all doors and windows are sealed tightly, especially across thresholds.