The truth and lies about Zello during Hurricane Irma


MIAMI – Ever since Hurricane Irma became a serious issue for those in Florida, a lot of talk and misinformation has been spread about a popular app that can supposedly allow communication without cell or WiFi service.

Zello is a free voice app that is currently No. 1 on iTunes after it made headlines for its role helping during the catastrophic flooding in Houston.

The Zello app operates as a walkie talkie-like service.

The app allows people to connect with one another without phone numbers.

However, incorrect information is being spread that says Zello can work without internet through cell data or WiFi, Local10.com reports.

Wednesday, the company itself alerted users of "massive misinformation" and set it straight that Zello requires the internet through cellular data of at least 2G or WiFi

So if you're cell phone service is not operating and you cannot connect to WiFi, you will be unable to use Zello.