Murray Hill residents upset over neighbor's dogs they say kill cats

Neighbors say at least 10 cats killed; 1 attack caught on camera

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Murray Hill residents are upset with a dog owner whose dogs that have attacked and killed at least 10 cats in the neighborhood, one of those attacks was caught was recorded by a surveillance camera.

The video shows a cat lying on the porch of a home on Post Street when two dogs come onto the porch and attack and killed the cat.

Neighbors said another cat was killed at the next door neighbor's home, and others have been attacked nearby.

"Maybe these dogs would attack a child. Maybe a child is holding a cat and these dogs jump up and attack the child and the cat. We don't know," Richard Adair said. "But after 12 cat attacks since Friday morning, this is something a little bit more than just random, 'Oh, my dog got out, I'm sorry.'"

Pet owners are begging the city to do more. The city told News4Jax that they are investigating the dog's owner as well as the deaths of several cats, but that’s all it can say right now.

We are waiting for the city to say where those dogs are now, but people in the neighborhood believe the dogs were given back to the owner.

"What I'm upset about is that the city of Jacksonville, in response to my initial phone call, immediately picked up the two dogs, but has since returned them to the owner," Elizabeth Breting said. "I'm upset with the city of Jacksonville for not trusting what we as neighborhood are saying, that these dogs are dangerous. It's not the first time they've been out."

There is no word on when the Animal Control and Protective Services will complete their investigation. The city agency will not confirm where the dogs are right now.

A police report shows the dogs’ owner is Brandon Carlisle. He lives less than a mile from the dog attacks. News4Jax called him, went to his house and sent a message on Facebook, but he did not respond and there were no dogs in his yard. 

Daiv Schneider said no one is safe because the dogs have attacked people, too. He said that about two months ago, his tenant was running in the neighborhood, the dogs got over the fence chased her down the street. 

Since News4Jax first reported this story at noon Tuesday, at least three more people have to say the same dogs killed their cat, as well. 

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