Private eye helps catch cheaters

Study says 30% of cheaters have affair on Valentine's Day

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – This story is for adults only!

It may be a day of romance, but private investigators say Valentine’s Day is also one of the top days to cheat.

A new study from dating site Ashley Madison says up to 30 percent of cheaters have an affair on Feb. 14.

News4Jax spoke with a private eye who's in the business of busting the flings.

A Jacksonville man planted a hidden camera before heading out of town. Later that day, the camera recorded video showing his wife bringing another man into the bedroom. 

Private investigator Josh Askew, with JMA Investigative Services, helped the husband prove his wife was up to no good. 

"In most cases, it is the gut feeling that tells them, 'Hey something is going on,'" Askew said. "Some people that are cheating, they are a little more cautious. Others, they really just don't care."

Askew’s company sells and rents surveillance equipment, including GPS trackers and covert cameras that can be hidden in key fobs, AC adapters, glasses and pens.

Drone footage that Askew recorded spotted a cheating couple going for a romantic walk in the park. 

Josh Askew
Josh Askew

"We are here to actually help lives," Askew said. 

He said it's important spouses know what's going on so they can fix the problems or move on. 

"It is heartbreaking," Askew said. "And anybody that has ever been cheated on, they don’t ever want to go through that again."

It's important to note that there are laws about what hidden cameras can and cannot be used for, so be sure to do your research before getting any footage. The same is true for GPS trackers. 

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