'Hot Coil Challenge' could be most dangerous fad yet

WARNING: Video below is disturbing


A new social media trend may be the most dangerous yet. It's called The Hot Coil Challenge.

The challenge, for those 'brave' enough, has one press their bare skin to the red hot coils on a stovetop, suffering severe burns as a result.

After, they post the proof to YouTube:

A Feb. 4 video of the Hot Coil Challenge submitted by “Blackspider214” has been viewed on YouTube over 380,000 times. The unidentified man is allegedly the only person to go through with the “challenge” on camera.

This is just the latest in a laundry list of dangerous online challenges posed towards impressionable children. This comes right after the ridiculous Tide pod challenge, which sent teens to the hospital for everything from chemical burns to extreme vomiting.

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People have also taken to YouTube, to discuss how stupid this challenge really is.


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