Radio ad attacks Jacksonville mayor, potential sale of JEA

Mayor Lenny Curry's office says ad contains 'baseless attacks' and 'lies'

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A new radio ad was released Monday, attacking the mayor of Jacksonville and the potential sale of JEA. 

The problem is that Mayor Lenny Curry continues to say he's neutral on the possible sale of the city-owned utility until a thorough valuation has been done. 

The mayor's office has pushed back on the ad, calling it "baseless attacks" and "lies."

In the beginning of the 30-second radio ad, a child can be heard saying, "Mommy and daddy, they're saying that Lenny Curry is trying to sell JEA. Don't let him sell JEA. Don't let him sell our future."

The ad calls on people to pressure the mayor's office.

A woman in the ad then says, "Did you know Mayor Curry and his buddies are trying to sell JEA behind your back? Call 630-1776 and let him know not to sell JEA without your say."

LISTEN: Radio ad targets mayor, potential sale of JEA

The goal of the ad seems straightforward. 

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