Clay Humane treating baby otter found in Orange Park garage

Orphaned otter rescued 'just in time,' veterinarians say


Otterly adorable. 

A baby otter that wandered into the backyard of an Orange Park home Wednesday is now being cared for by the Clay County Humane Society.

The otter, named Daisy, is about 4-6 weeks old.

"She is an orphaned otter. Someone found her in their yard and we tried to reunite her with her family but couldn't. So without a better place to go, she came to us," Dr. Kali Gennette said.

The homeowner who found Daisy tried putting her back in a nearby creak, but the next day they found her in their garage and decided to get professional help.

Daisy is the third otter to be treated recently at the Clay County Humane Society.

The veterinarians said she was rescued just in time and suffered only a cut to her ear from her journey.

"She was very very lucky. If she wouldn't have been found, there's a chance that she wouldn't have made it," Gennette said. "When you have babies this little, they have low blood sugar and other issues, so she's extremely lucky she got found when she did."

Daisy has received medical care and vaccinations.

Me: Are you hungry? Pup: No... okay maybe just an otter bite. #nomnomnom 😂😍 Meet Daisy. She's OTTERLY ADORABLE and was recently found in someones garage in Orange Park! Watch News4Jax at 5:30 for her full story. Clay Humane, Inc.❤️

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It's not common for otters to wind up at Clay Humane, but the Wildlife Rescue Coalition said two others were rescued this year.

For the next few weeks, Daisy will spend her days drinking bottles of mixed milk, splashing around in her tank and taking lots of naps. Some might say she's won the 'ottery.'

Life gets even sweeter when she's older and gets to meet new playmates -- Lily and Joey -- two other orphaned otters.

Even though they're as cute as can be, they are equally wild and rambunctious, and the organizations said the best thing to do is follow them on their Facebook pages to keep up with the otters' progress:

If you do see an orphaned otter, never try to pick it up, experts say. They tend to carry rabies and other diseases. Instead, call the Clay County Animal Control at 904-269-6342.

Want to help? To donate or see how you can help, call Clay Humane at 904-276-7729 or visit their website at http://www.clayhumane.org

OTTERLY ADORABLE! This baby otter was recently found in someones garage in Orange Park! Clay Humane took her in to make sure she is healthy and strong! STORY - https://bit.ly/2Iy8Dg0

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