I-TEAM: Was victim of disturbing San Marco break-in targeted by ex-classmate?

JSO: Man with Taser, knife breaks into woman's condo, puts on her underwear

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A Jacksonville man faces felony burglary charges after being accused of breaking into a woman's San Marco condominium last week with handcuffs, a Taser and a knife.

After police said they found Paul Kartsonis wearing the woman's clothing, he was arrested on charges of armed burglary and possession of burglary tools. 

On Friday, the News4Jax I-TEAM obtained a petition for injunction for protection against stalking that was filed after the May 31 burglary. In the court filing, the burglary victim wrote that she knew Kartonis casually from high school 13 years ago, but had not seen him in several years. 

Neighbors reported seeing him around the San Marco condo complex on Palm Avenue for several weeks and they saw him jiggling the door handle days before his arrest at the same complex.

"Petitioner is terrified that Respondent is obsessed with her," the court filing said.

According to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office arrest report, when officers arrived at the condo complex about 1 a.m. May 31, they found Kartsonis, a 31-year-old Southside resident, in the stairwell outside.

Police said they searched him and found:

  • A Taser in his pocket
  • A large pocket knife
  • Two pairs of handcuffs
  • A lock pick set
  • A picture frame with a photograph
  • Male sexual enhancement pills
  • Two sets of car keys

Investigators went into the condo where the young woman lives, where they said they discovered DNA evidence on the bed, along with women's clothing.

When Kartsonis was arrested, police said, he was wearing a pair of silicone prosthetic breasts and clothing stolen from the condo -- including the woman's panties, bra, dress and blouse -- underneath his jacket and blue jeans.

The I-TEAM has chosen not to name the woman who lived in the condo, who was out of town on vacation when it happened.

Days after the incident, Duval County court documents show, she filed and received a restraining order against Kartsonis.

He was transferred from the Duval County jail to a hospital for evaluation, and was ordered held on home detention.

The arrest report shows Kartsonis works for Merrill Lynch and graduated from the University of Florida. According to records, he has no history of arrests.

The Sheriff's Office sent the report to the FBI to look into it.

On Friday afternoon, the I-TEAM called Kartsonis and left a voicemail when no one answered.

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