5 Jacksonville restaurants hit with emergency closures

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – ​An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but not the health inspector. 

Five restaurants in Jacksonville dropped the ball in this week's Restaurant Report.

An Apple a Day

An Apple a Day, located on Independent Drive in downtown Jacksonville, was closed for two days. State regulators' records show the restaurant had three critical violations.


Eleven roaches were spotted in the kitchen during the initial inspection, and even more were found during a follow-up inspection, according to records.

Seafood salad, chicken salad and egg salad were all tossed because of temperature abuse, according to state records.

The restaurant was back up and running before the weekend without any critical violations.

The Courtyard Cafe

Not too far away, on West Adams Street, The Courtyard Cafe landed an emergency closure -- the restaurant's second one in less than a year.


This time around, according to inspectors, roaches and more than 100 rodent droppings were found throughout the establishment.

The food court-style restaurant reopened after passing a follow-up inspection.

Domino's Pizza

Health inspectors also zipped down to the Domino's Pizza on San Jose Boulevard. The ovens were turned off and the restaurant was shut down for a day after roaches were found, records shows.


The inspection report also states the sink didn't have any hot water.

A follow-up inspection the next day was all the time that was needed for the restaurant to reopen.

Bangkok Jax Thai & Sushi

Bangkok Jax Thai & Sushi on Faye Road faced an emergency closed on June 12. The restaurant didn’t get the thumbs-up to reopen until Monday.

INSPECTION REPORTS: Bangkok Jax Thai & Sushi

According to the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, more than two dozen dead and live critters in the women’s restroom, near the sushi bar, on the wall and around the kitchen.

Gusto Italian Restaurant

The staff at Gusto Italian Restaurant on Beach Boulevard in Jacksonville Beach had to bolt the door after it struck out with state health inspectors. ​

According to inspectors, more than a dozen live and dead roaches were found around the restaurant. Inspectors also noted dozens of food items were stored at the wrong temperature.​

INSPECTION REPORTS: Gusto Italian Restaurant

The co-owner took to Facebook to explain that lightning nailed the restaurant and that's what sparked the violations 

"The coolers had been shorted out and all the bread that was waiting in the cooler to be baked the following day, the pizza toppings had gone warm and had to be thrown out," said Walter Bianchi, co-owner at Gusto Italian Restaurant.

He apologized to customers and welcomed everyone back as the restaurant celebrates its third anniversary.