Activists group holds walk for a man who was killed by a police officer

Group wants answers from city officials

KINGSLAND, Ga. – The group Concerned Citizens of Camden County held a walk outside City Hall in Kingsland over the shooting death of Tony Green.

Green was shot and killed by a Kingsland police officer in June after running during a traffic stop. Officer Zechariah Presley is facing voluntary manslaughter and violating his oath charges. 

Presley was fired from the police department, but pastor Devon Knight of Christian Oasis Church says there were flags in Presley's background and he should never have been hired. Presley was hired in 2017 despite 10 flags that warranted further inquiry, including domestic violence and marijuana use.

"St. Mary's police department didn't hire him, yet Kingsland did. We've been asking for the policies of hiring a police officer here in Kingsland and we have not gotten that yet," Knight said.

A search of the Kingsland Police Department's web page shows the requirements and standards that may disqualify a candidate.  

Concerned Citizens of Camden County feels the city has gone back to business as usual.

"We want to bring exposure to this injustice. We want the city to know we're not going anywhere until practices, procedures, and policies are changed. It's not a black thing, it's not a white thing, it's a right and wrong thing and this was wrong. It needs to be made right. We can't bring Tony back, but we can keep another Tony from dying in the streets," Knight said.

Presley's attorneys have said they will try the case in court, not in the public or through the media.