JSO: Man charged in 2016 murder caught on surveillance video

Jacksonville man accused of shooting 34-year-old in street over debt

Booking photo of Kevin Parker
Booking photo of Kevin Parker

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A 28-year-old Jacksonville man is facing a second-degree murder charge in a 2016 shooting that police said was caught on surveillance video.

Desmond Jacobs, 34, was gunned down on Greek Road near the Normandy Athletic Association on Oct. 21, 2016.

Police later identified the shooter as Kevin Parker, 28, who turned himself in on the murder warrant. They said the shooting was caught on surveillance cameras from a nearby business.

Investigators said witnesses told police that Jacobs owed Parker money and that they had left together that night from a house about a mile from where Jacobs was killed.

Police said the surveillance video of Greek Road shows Parker's car pulling away as Jacobs walks alongside it. Parker then does a U-turn at the dead end of Greek Road and drives back toward Jacobs, who's still walking in the road, police said.

They said when Jacobs walks over to the driver's door, Parker shoots him from inside the car. Several muzzle flashes can be seen, investigators said.

After the shooting, Parker gets out and picks something up off the ground near Jacobs' body before driving away, police said. Later, a different car returns to the scene and a passenger who appears to be Parker gets out and picks up another item near Jacobs' body before the car drives away, leaving Jacobs lying in the roadway, according to investigators.

Two empty cellphone cases were later found at the scene, investigators said.

In an interview with detectives in March, Parker admitted that he knew Jacobs and that Jacobs owed him money but denied picking him up at the house, as the witnesses claimed, police said.

A warrant for Parker's arrest was issued in July, and he was booked into the jail Aug. 9. He's being held without bond.