Meet the man behind the 'jet ski' scooter making waves on social media

Video of Trey Yarbrough cruising Jacksonville roads going viral

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A Florida man seen in a viral video cruising the streets of Jacksonville on a "jet ski" scooter can't believe all the attention he's gotten over his creation. 

"Yesterday, I let my buddy borrow my truck and I was, like, 'I'll break it out today,'" Trey Yarbrough said Wednesday. "By the time I got back home, my phone was, like, frozen. I was, like, 'Well... What the heck.'"

WATCH: Man spotted riding 'jet ski' around Jacksonville roads

The 23-year-old works in a fabrication shop and he's got quite the talent. 

About six months ago, Yarbrough built the motorized jet ski for an out-of-state show, covering a 1989 Honda Elite scooter with a jet ski with the bottom cut out.

He even took steps to make sure the ski-scooter is street legal, adding taillights and a license plate. But that information just scratches the surface of the questions News4Jax just had to ask him. 

We caught up with Yarbrough to learn more about his creation and how he came up with the idea:

Question: "How did you make it?"

Answer: "It's an '89 Honda Elite scooter and all I did was basically cut the bottom of (a jet ski) out and stick it right inside of it."

Q: "Where'd you get the idea?"

A: "There's another guy on social media. He posted it. He had ideas and we kind of got together and merged our ideas and made it into one."

Q: "This is street legal?! How'd you get DOT (Florida Department of Transportation) to approve that?"

A: "It's 100 percent legal. It was a scooter, so it was already legal at one point. And then I didn't change anything. All I did was basically put a kit around it."

Q: "Did it cost a lot of money to make?"

A: "I don't even know if I want to say... Not a lot. I didn't put a lot into it."

Q: "It rides on land, but can you ride it in the water?"

A: "Giant hole in the bottom of it -- it would sink."

Q: "Can you make me one?"

A: "I had another friend of mine, we went and picked out another hall and build another one. It's actually a matching one of this. It's a pink one."


Yarbrough didn't say whether he'd start making and selling the ski-scooter.

We asked if he would try to modify it so it can go into the water. He said that would involve hydraulics, lowering and raising wheels.

That, he said, is out of his realm. 

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