14 random Amazon products that real people swear by

We guarantee you'll be ordering this stuff again and again

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Are you ever curious about the everyday items that other people use and swear by? We're talking products that do exactly what they promise, and truly deliver -- things that we'll buy the rest of our lives, or make us say, "the search is over. THIS is the best toothpaste ever created."

We asked around, posing the question, "What are the best products in your house, or things that make your daily life better, that you'll continue to purchase throughout the years?" Below are some answers.

By the way: We hope you love these recommendations. Just an FYI, Graham Media Group may collect a small share of sales from the links provided on this page.

1.) This Hoover pet vacuum

The amount of pet hair this vacuum picks up is insane, as one co-worker and dog owner described it. Also, the power cord winds itself back up when you're done using it -- and it works equally well on hardwood and carpets. Basically, if you have a pet, or even just if you're a clean freak and you want to get your home sparkling clean at the end of each day -- you've got to check out this vacuum. Plus, it offers the quality you need without the Dyson prices (this was listed for just under $100 at the time of publication). Score.

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2.) This whitening toothpaste

I can vouch for this product personally -- and I've tried a lot of over-the-counter whitening products. Charcoal toothpaste is kind of having a moment right now, so I had to see what the hype was all about. No joke, people were commenting on how white my teeth looked, within a week of trying it out. The taste is pretty neutral too, which I wasn't exactly expecting, considering it's called "charcoal toothpaste." I will admit, this stuff can be a little messy, as in, prepare to wipe your sink down after each use. But it doesn't stain, and it only takes a second to grab a washcloth and do a quick cleanup. The mess is a small price to pay for sparkly white teeth.

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3.) The Magic Eraser (no photo available)

This cleans almost anything you could imagine, and even takes light scuffs and scratches off your car, one frequent buyer said. It even wipes away little handprints (like if you have children), or any "murals" they might leave on your walls. It's an absolute must if you want to keep your house immaculate.

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4.) Tiger Balm

This product was described as "awesome," "affordable" and "amazing for muscle aches and pains." I purchased some while training for a 10-mile race this summer and can confirm all of the above. It has a strong smell, so you'll want to wash your hands after rubbing it on, but I used to slather my sore legs in it for immediate relief. And it really does kick in, almost instantly, after a liberal application.

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5.) This cleansing oil

So long, drugstore wipes. You will not be needing those anymore once you try this oil.

If you wear makeup and struggle to get it off -- we mean all the way off -- at the end of the day, this product is for you. With one pump of the oil, and then you're supposed to let it set for a minute or two, you'll wipe your face with some warm water or a wash cloth and it's like your makeup just melts off your face. No scrubbing, no tugging at your waterproof eyeliner or mascara ... it just slides off, easier than it went on. This stuff is a miracle. Oh, and don't get hung up on the fact that it's called an oil. It doesn't leave your skin greasy or oily feeling in the least.

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6.) Zicam

These are essentially just zinc tablets, and did you know how many people swear by them to shorten or reduce the effects of their colds? We had no idea.

"My colds used to be the most terrible things ever," one woman said. "Now, every time, three days and DONE. And my symptoms aren’t nearly as bad." Added another person, "We had some really positive results with Zicam this past cold season."

With that season rolling around once again, it couldn't hurt, could it? (As always, consult with your doctor when it comes to anything medically related).

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7.) Bar Keepers Friend

People were coming out in droves to recommend the cleaning product Bar Keepers Friend. "This polishes anything stainless, and essentially replaces Soft Scrub in my life," one reviewer said.

"(Bar Keepers Friend) works really well to clean the entire bathroom, and can even be used on appliances," said another.

"It's simply the best. And so cheap!"

"The only thing that adequately cleans my white porcelain sink."

BRB, adding to our cart.

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8.) The Wet Brush

Here's another fan favorite: The Wet Brush. People said they use these on their dogs, their fussy toddlers and children, and themselves. This is another one I can endorse personally. I used to have a 2-year-old who fought me each morning on anything hair-related. Now we request "purple brush please!" and there are no tears. It was like magic.

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9.) These baby wipes (Kirkland Signature)

Hear us out on this one! Baby wipes are not just for families who have a baby.

"Our kid is 6 and we still buy them," one woman said. "(These are) the best and strongest of all the wipes, well-priced, and they are great for so many things. Like taking off your makeup, wiping off restaurant tables, wiping snotty noses, travel, getting sunscreen off your hands, etc. ... One box lasts forever. Seriously, we've tried all the wipe brands out there, and none even come close." Say no more.

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10.) This salt gun that kills flies

Hear us out on this one again! It might seem a little crazy, but one co-worker has a husband who absolutely swears by this thing. And everyone who spots it around the house needs to know more. If flies buzzing around your home is a problem where you live, this thing just might be your answer. It's a salt gun that'll zap 'em in an instant. It's satisfying to use, it will most definitely nab those annoying little bugs and it's easy. What more could you ask for?

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11.) Cetaphil lotion

This is a classic. In fact, a pharmacist invented the lotion in 1947, and people of all ages claim it's the real deal. It's just the right amount moisturizing, without leaving you feeling greasy or as if it's clogging your pores. There are quite a few varieties available these days, and accompanying products as well (face washes, eye creams, etc)., but many reviewers know the brand best for its staple: the body and face lotion.

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12.) This cream if you're nursing or pumping

Don't even bother with that generic stuff they give you at the hospital. If you're planning on nursing or pumping -- and it can be a hard transition on your body, getting into a regular routine -- you might need a cream to help your cracked, dried-out, overstimulated (poor) skin. I had about a million moms recommend this stuff, and after trying a few competitors' products, came to confirm that it's truly the best. It'll bring so much relief to you or any nursing mom who's in the midst of those tough few first weeks.

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13.) This portable phone charger

A lot of these portable chargers come with pretty rough reviews. Apparently, it's not terribly uncommon for them to die pretty quickly, or take forever and a day to charge your devices. But that's NOT the case with the Jackery brand, from all accounts. If you're going to buy a portable charger, you want to get one that will last. Here's your answer.

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14.) Bumkins bibs

One final mom-type product for you: These bibs. We're not sure why anyone bothers with cloth bibs anymore, when these are available. If your kid, or your friend's child, is eating solid food, you want something that the mess will slide right off. These even come with a pocket to collect any excess dribbles or bites.

Oh, and when you're done with mealtime, you can do a quick rinse and throw it in the wash. No muss, no fuss. You can get a pack of three (with cute patterns, too!) for well under $20.

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So, tell us! What do you swear by, that we should include on our next list? Email us with your product recommendations and reasons why you swear by the stuff.

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