Authorities capture rattlesnake in Jacksonville Beach

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JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. – Jacksonville Beach had a scaly visitor on Monday. 

The Jacksonville Beach Police Department said it received several calls about a man walking around with a rattlesnake in his hand.  

Authorities located the man, who they said is homeless, holding the snake south of the Best Western in Jacksonville Beach. Police said he apparently was “showing and telling” people around town.  

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"When our officers arrived on scene, there was no place to secure the snake and so obviously he was not going to drop the snake, so the only place he could think of would be to throw him in the backseat of a caged police car to secure the snake safely," Sgt. Larry Smith said. 

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission helped wrangle a diamondback rattlesnake. The FWC relocated the snake in a wooded area in Duval County.

City officials estimate the snake was measured around seven or eight feet long. 

Police and FWC said the man will not face charges, but they want to remind people it is illegal and dangerous to handle wild venomous animals.

If you see a wild venomous animal in your neighborhood, call police.  

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