Judge changes detention rules after ex-Bolles students' case drags on

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – An arraignment for two former Bolles School students accused of researching how to make a firebomb was delayed again Tuesday for the fifth time.

It’s a case that has stretched on longer than what is normal for an arraignment, Judge Suzanne Bass said Tuesday.

Grant Shirley, 17, of Port St. Lucie, and Matthew Guey, 15, of Houston each face a felony charge. Prosecutors said one of the teens used the "dark web" to research how to make napalm -- a fuel-gel mixture used in firebombs, extensively used during the Vietnam War. 

Both were arrested and expelled from The Bolles School in February.

The teens were both in court Tuesday with their families. The boys’ attorneys and the prosecutor spoke with Bass privately about the delay.

The reason for the holdup was not said openly in court. In previous hearings, the prosecutor said more time was needed for forensic results on the boys’ electronics, which include laptops and an iPad.

Bass made a point Tuesday to allow Shirley, who is on home detention, to have some occasional outings with his parents because of how long the case is taking.

She went on to assign a new date for arraignment but said her hope moving forward was for the case to “have finality" and she said she "might not be as generous” in the coming weeks.

Guey and Shirley are due back in court April 23. 

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