Video: Stingray caught on fishing line gives birth on Ponte Vedra Beach

Family rescues momma stingray, babies after unexpected birth

ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. – It was a rush to rescue a mother stingray and her babies after she unexpectedly gave birth on Ponte Vedra Beach. 

A fisherman reeled in a stingray over the weekend and quickly noticed she was in labor. The family watched and filmed as a tiny stingray popped out.

The man cut the stingray free, releasing her and then helped send the babies back out into the ocean where they belong.

Chrisoula Harris sent News4Jax the video and said there were a total of three babies.

"We thought others may enjoy seeing this rare footage of a stingray we caught fishing today on the beach. It gave birth to two baby stingrays right on the beach!" Harris said. 

The video above shows the beauty of birth and the rescue mission. 

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