The Bonnie Haim case: A story Mary Baer will never forget

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Mary Baer first reported on Bonnie Haim's case the day she vanished back in 1993. Now, 26 years later, her husband, Michael Haim, sits in a prison cell, sentenced to life after he was found guilty of second-degree murder.

The trial gained national attention, and Mary is sharing what she remembers after reporting on the case for decades with Dateline NBC.

It was January of 1993 when Mary first sat down with Michael Haim in the living room of his home as the search was underway for his wife.

"I walked in here, and I said to Tom Wills, my co-anchor, 'I think I just interviewed a killer,'" Mary said in her Dateline interview.

Watch Mary's full interview with Dateline NBC here

Haim, 53, was picked up from the Duval County jail on June 3 and taken into the Florida Department of Corrections custody to begin serving his life sentence.

Attorneys for Michael Haim have filed a notice of appeal the life sentence for second-degree murder. Among other grounds, Haim’s lawyers argue that the sentence violates the guidelines in place when the crime occurred.