JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Two carjacking suspects are in serious condition after they took a car at gunpoint from a victim who they were meeting to have gold teeth made, according to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office.

The report said that the victim arranged online to meet a man in a Lakewood neighborhood about 9 p.m. for him to make dental impressions to be used to make gold teeth. While that was happening, two other men showed up and pulled handguns.

The victim was able to run off, but the three men got into the victim's red Hyundai Sonata and drove away. 

About an hour later, police said an officer spotted a suspicious vehicle in the parking lot of a closed business on San Jose Boulevard. As the officer approached, two men got into the car and drove north. With the officer in pursuit, the car attempted to take the entrance ramp of Interstate 295, but left the road and struck a tree, according to the report. The car caught on fire.

Jacksonville Fire and Rescue personnel responded to put the fire out. Both men in the car were taken to the hospital with serious injuries.

According to the report, it's not known where the third man at the original carjacking scene went.

This latest incident highlights the importance of being extra careful when meeting people you don’t know for sales. The Sheriff's Office says the Police Memorial Building is one of several places to safely meet. People are invited to do their transactions at the building on Forsyth Street, which is open all day, every day.

For a full list of safe locations, visit: Where to safely meet for online transactions.