SeaWorld Orlando welcomes new 150-pound walrus calf

New calf is one of only 18 walruses living in facilities in the U.S.

Photo via Bethany Bagley/SeaWorld
Photo via Bethany Bagley/SeaWorld

ORLANDO, Fla. – SeaWorld in Orlando is welcoming a new 150-pound female Pacific walrus. She was born on July 3 to mother Kaboodle and father Garfield.

This is the second calf born in the animal care facility there in Orlando. The new born calf was receiving 24-hour care, which included eight bottle feedings a day, socialization and companionship.

The special care was necessary out of concerns that the calf was not receiving enough nutrition early on because Kaboodle was not able to lactate immediately after giving birth.

SLIDESHOW: Walrus calf gets acquainted with SeaWorld surroundings

"I am incredibly proud to watch our teams in action as they provide world-class care for Kaboodle and her calf," said Gus Antorcha, CEO of SeaWorld Parks.  "Our talented veterinarians and animal experts gave the best in prenatal care for Kaboodle, and now ongoing, round-the-clock care of mom and calf."

With SeaWorld's walrus program, visitors are able to learn and be inspired about threatened animals and what the park is able to do to help. There are now 18 walruses living in six zoological facilities in the U.S. because of SeaWorld's 55-year history in animal care and veterinary practices.

While visitors of the park aren't able to see the mother and her newborn just yet, they are able to attend the Wild Arctic exhibit, which features walruses and beluga whales. Kaboodle and her calf will remain behind the scenes for a few weeks as the baby continues to gain weight and learn to swim. By one month, newborn walruses are strong swimmers.