2 city pools not expected to open until August

Englewood Pool reopens; Julius Guinyard, Robert F. Kennedy Pool remain closed

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File photo

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Two city swimming pools remained closed as of Friday and they are not expected to open for weeks, a city spokesperson said.

News4Jax reported last month that on the first week of summer break for Duval County students, seven of the 34 public pools in Jacksonville were not open for various reasons.

Since then, the city has reopened five of those pools, including the pool at Englewood High School on the Southside, which had been slated to reopen Saturday. But the city spokesperson said the Englewood Pool has already opened back up.

The two pools that remain closed are the Julius Guinyard Pool on Jefferson Street in Springfield and the Robert F. Kennedy Pool in East Jacksonville. Both pools were supposed to reopen Saturday, but now, they aren't anticipated to open until next month.

The city spokesperson said July 8 that in the budget proposal, there is $2.5 million that would be spread out over five years to go toward pool upgrades -- that’s $500,000 per year. 

City update on 2 pools scheduled to open this summer

Pool Repair project What's required for repair Status Anticipated opening Reason for extended repair
Julius Guinyard Pool Marcite repair Re-marciting the side walls Contractor has started the repair Saturday, Aug. 17

Structural issue resolved due to the pool being above ground. Previously closed as a safety precaution. Structural issue has been addressed, now crews are re-marciting the interior pool surface due to cracking.

Robert F. Kennedy Pool Infrastructure repair Replacement of old iron ductile 10-inch main drain line between the main drain and pump house Contractor is scheduling repairs Saturday, Aug. 24

Various methods of repair were attempted (leak detection, pipe infusion) before determining entire line replacement was required.