As CBD industry grows, products are popping up for your pets

CBD increasingly sold to help with pet anxiety

If you are a pet owner, you may have noticed many stores are now selling CBD products for your furry friends.

The growing CBD market is projected to reach $24 billion in the next four years, with pets making up 7 percent of those sales according to one research firm, the Brightfield Group.

Mother Holistics CBD Products in Jacksonville Beach sells CBD pet treats. Owner, Joey Jennings, said they are becoming more popular to help pets cope with anxiety or other ailments.

“To simplify it, it’s a system designed to help manage stress,” explained Jennings. “Stress leads to a lot of different problems, not just for humans but for pets too.”

Right now, CBD is not federally approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

According to the FDA, they are working to learn more about the science and safety of CBD. Earlier this year, the FDA held a public hearing to gather scientific data and other product information. The hearing was followed by a public comment period.

Dr. Christian Broadhurst said legally veterinarians are not allowed to recommend it.

“We don’t know the concentrations of CBD or the efficacy or the potency of the CBD,” explained Dr. Broadhurst. “I am sure it will be better researched and able to be used more readily in the future but at this point in time, it is definitely a buyer beware situation.”

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