Fallen trees, downed power lines wreak havoc on State Road 13

People in Switzerland area of St. Johns County affected


ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. – A traffic alert for drivers in the Switzerland area of St. Johns County: Fallen trees and power lines have left State Road 13 closed in both directions just south of Greenbriar Road on Sunday.

The fallen trees sit about a half mile from Rivertown Park.

At last check, this was still an active scene, with five or six work trucks set up behind the work zone cones. Some of the workers were from Florida Power and Light. 

Multiple downed power lines were seen resting on bushes along the side of the road. In one spot, they appeared to be touching the ground. 

Our team saw a pretty large tree down on the river side of State Road 13, as well.

A utility pole near it has also been uprooted.

On Sunday night, there was debris strewn on both sides of the road, and it looked like it had been cut in the middle to clear a path through the roadway. 

Neighbors in Rivertown, which is less than a mile away, said this area didn't experience much adverse weather Sunday.

"We cooked dinner, and the power just went out, so we were like, 'Can't cook on the stove,'" neighbor Trevor Quaid said. "(So we) cooked on the grill. It's been about two hours. It got dark, so we came out here to see what we could figure out. I'm thinking this is a lot more damage than we were anticipating. Yeah, I wasn't expecting a tree to come down. I mean, it was barely raining."

The house they're staying at is powered by Florida Power and Light.

The St. Johns County Sheriffs Office said the road will be closed for several hours. 

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