Bobcat snatches chicken from Ponte Vedra homeowner's backyard

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A homeowner in Ponte Vedra is concerned after he says a bobcat jumped a fence and snatched a chicken from his small farm in his backyard.

Ryan Thompson says in addition to chickens, he has goats and a pig. He fears his other animals could be next.

Thompson said his neighbors have also reported seeing a bobcat in their yards.

"There's been a few of them around for at least a few weeks now," Thompson said.

To protect his animals, Thompson said the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission suggested he buy a trap.

"I actually did buy a humane trap, so I'll try to catch the bobcat," Thompson said.

Thompson wants his other neighbors to be aware.

The FWC said it does not trap large cats. It says bobcats are common in Florida.

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