Pests, storage nightmares, plumbing issues found in 4 restaurants

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Repeat violations, lack of training and plumbing issues were just some of the violations that stacked up at Northeast Florida restaurants.

If you love that chicken from Popeye's, but don't love sharing it with bugs, you won't like what inspectors found at the Popeye's in Lake City.

Last week, inspectors said they found flies in the kitchen and dirty gaskets with a build-up of some mold-like substance. Inspectors said the violations weren't an immediate threat and didn't need to shut down the restaurant. It did pass a follow-up inspection.

In Jacksonville, an emergency closure was ordered at the Canal Street Chicken & Seafood Restaurant on McDuff Avenue. Records show the Westside business had a backed up floor drain, expired license and an employee's cigar left on the prep table. It briefly shut down until it passed a follow-up inspection a few hours later.

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The Subway on Timuquana Road briefly shut down last week. Inspectors said flies, six dead roaches and rodent droppings had to be thrown out from the kitchen. It got the green light to reopen later that day.

A Thai restaurant in Ortega is where inspectors said nearly 100 flies were found inside. The doors of Tuptim Thai and Sushi on Roosevelt Boulevard shut for a day. Along with bugs, inspectors cited employees working without any gloves on and a risk of cross-contamination from raw shrimp, chicken and beef all stored in the same container. By the next day, the restaurant re-opened with a passing inspection.