It's official: Alligator-hunting season begins in Florida

The annual statewide harvest program runs through October


Alligator hunting season is officially underway in Florida.

The statewide alligator harvest program overseen by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission lets licensed trappers harvest gators from Aug. 15 through October.

About 6,000 applicants are permitted to take part in the annual hunt, which tends to be one of the wildlife agency’s most popular programs. Permit holders can harvest two gators each.

Though it's considered threatened under the Endangered Species Act, there are 1.3 million American alligators living in Florida. The hunt is seen as a way to manage their population.

It might seem strange to outsiders, but alligator meat is sought after in Florida and their tanned hides can be fashioned into leather products.

Learn more by viewing FWC's guide to gator hunting.

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