St. Johns County residents prepare for another storm

Depression 9 could cause rip currents, high tides, beach erosion

ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. – St. Johns County residents say they are prepared for whatever storm comes our way this weekend.

The St. Johns Emergency Operations Center has opened a hotline for residents with questions or have special needs. The number is 904-824-5550. At this time, St. Johns County emergency managers said they don't anticipate any evacuations or closures, but they do expect dangerous rip currents, rough surf, and minor beach erosion.  

Many people who live to the south of Jacksonville said they are using supplies and resources they stockpiled to prepare for Hurricane Dorian to keep them and their property safe this time around.

Although many people said they are prepared and feel confident, resident Michael Walters, who lives along A1A and owns Ocean Sands Beach Inn, said he is concerned.  

“My main concern with this upcoming storm is the water coming over the dune. Dorian, we boarded up for. We didn’t have any issues, none whatsoever. If you notice down here, it (the water) already came over last night. This will be a problem if the tide gets over this dune to this home and once it gets filled up there, it will roll down and get my place,” Walters said.  

He said he contacted the county.  

“I want them to come out between now and Sunday night and sandbag that, the way they did down there, to keep the water from coming over here because if they don’t do it, they are going to be out here Monday morning sandbagging," Walters said. "So, why not be proactive rather than reactive?”

According to St. Johns County, beach renourishment falls under the sole jurisdiction of the State of Florida and the federal government.  There are currently two beach renourishment projects in process for Vilano Beach and South Ponte Vedra Beach.  Both are in the planning and design phase. Contruction is scheduled to begin in 2020.  

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